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Jaden Taylor

Author of  Prissy Little Chloe: Time of Year

"I write all about it in my yellow journal — but to be frank, Chloe always makes sure to be and stay in the spotlight."  ~Prissy Little Chloe: Time of Year


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Author Interview

SB: When did you start writing?

JT: I began writing before I started junior kindergarten and when I did start school, I was very bored while the teacher was getting the kids to learn numbers, shapes and the alphabet—so I wrote and drew my own comic books about video game characters, on blank paper notepads; while many kids were excited to bring home their “A+” or “B-” grades on their test papers, I couldn’t wait to bring home the cartoon books I made during the day to show and laugh with my mom.

SB: What is it about writing that you enjoy?

JT: What I enjoy most about writing is that there are no rules; besides spelling and grammar, I have a blank page to put down whatever comes to mind. As an artist, that level of boundless creativity is exhilarating—as I think (and dream) up many stories that I love to share!

SB: Your first published book is called Prissy Little Chloe, correct? Is it fiction or non-fiction?

JT: My first published book Prissy Little Chloe is a non-fiction, journal-style cartoon about my troublesome terrier.

SB: Tell us a bit about Prissy Little Chloe. What was your inspiration for writing this book?

JT: Prissy Little Chloe: Time of the Year centers on how I end up with a rambunctious little troublemaker for Christmas, after four years of begging for a puppy and her evolution from nice to naughty over the course of a few days!

In Prissy Little Chloe: Terrier Trouble, Chloe always wants to be the center of attention; she makes up her own rules everyday--and gets herself into a (literal!) rut running through the neighborhood--setting me on a (literal!) wild goose chase, every single day, without fail. She slips through the gate in the yard or runs through the door when she gets the chance and then runs across the street into peoples' backyard, homes ... or into their car.

The inspiration I had for writing Prissy Little Chloe was to keep with moral of going after what you set out to do (or get!) by first believing you already have it; and works as a great introduction to the Law of Attraction, in an cute and funny way for kids!

SB: Prissy Little Chloe became a bestseller on Amazon. How did you find out & how did it make you feel?

JT: I checked Prissy Little Chloe’s Amazon ranking a few days after release and was surprised to see it reach number one in the category for children’s dog books and I’m very pleased to have a bestseller ranking among the millions of ebooks available!

SB: What sort of feedback have you received about your book?

JT: Nothing but love—which I’m so happy and grateful for; that’s why I started writing books in the first place.

SB: Have you given any thought to turning Prissy Little Chloe into a series?

JT: Prissy Little Chloe is a book series— the new Prissy Little Chloe: Terrier Trouble is now available! The upcoming Prissy Little Chloe: Chloville is slated for release later this year.

SB: I understand that you drew the cartoon images in this book. How did you get into cartooning?

JT: I’ve always loved to draw! Cartooning is my first adopted art style, especially in my early humor books from kindergarten; so it felt only natural to include them—exactly how I used to draw my original doodles as a child—in my most-recent cartoon journal Prissy Little Chloe.

SB: You also paint very well, woman of many talents. Any plans to do some work illustrating books?

JT: Why, thank you! I would love to work as a freelance illustrator as a part of my art career; I’m currently taking a program at the Toronto Film School in digital art and animation, so any creative job for me is something I’d gladly undertake!

SB: What was your publishing experience like? Were there any challenges?

JT: I wrote and published my first book Prissy Little Chloe: Time of the Year in three weeks, onto Amazon and it was seamless; technology has made it very easy for writers to transition to authorship, in a matter of minutes. I wish I had Kindle available to me when I was six—I’d have about fifty published novels by now!

SB: Planning on writing anymore books? If so, when can we expect them?

JT: A new book about my dog can be written every day. Prissy Little Chloe: Chloville will be out this June!

SB: What projects/writing projects are you currently working on?

JT: I’m a college student taking digital video game art and animation, but I’ve been writing reports and essays as of late on a lot of art history and mythology; but that’s the boring school stuff. I’m always writing about my rambunctious little Chloe—so stay tuned for Prissy Little Chloe: Chloville!


You can get this book online at Amazon.com!

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