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Farrah Hodgson

Author of The Struggle is Real: Confessions  of a Single Mother


Author Interview

Q. How did you meet the co-authors of Confessions of a Single Mother?

A. I would have to say I met each individual co-author by divine connection. I believe there was purpose in meeting each co-author for their unique testimonies to fill each chapter in this book I have compiled, so that these chapters can relate to single mothers out there so we can help them to overcome their obstacles.

Q. How did the idea for a book project come about?

A. With everything I have been through I had to share it with the world so that other single mothers know they are not alone and they can get through their struggles.

Q. What inspired you to write Confessions of a Single Mother with multiple authors?

A. I know I have a lot of testimonies but I believe that it had to be more than just one person’s testimony to convince that really bound and chained single mother out there; with that life threatening situation, that she cannot get out of, that she can read about the 12 of us single mothers that has overcame. Therefore she can as well.

Q. In the chapter you wrote, you are very transparent in sharing your past experiences. How important was it to be transparent?

A. It was very important to be transparent I want to be real with my audience I want it to relate to real life situations that are out there these situations should not be sugar coated or hidden because I believe if we are not opened about them we won’t resolve them to our full potential then it might happen again, so moving forward we can understand our worth as women.

Confessions of a single motherQ. As I read your story, I thought to myself "wow, she is brave to put so much personal and private things about her life out there." Did you think to yourself that you should have held back from telling so much because of what people might say?

A. I believe I did not want to hold back anything in fact I have a lot more to tell and write about which will come in due time. I tend to disregard the negative things people say I only need God’s approval and to know that this is my purpose because God assured me he will turn my mess into a message.

Q. What can readers take away from this book?

A.   In each chapter  each co-author suggests coping mechanisms that helped them with their struggle to use to move forward from that obstacle. 

Q. You speak of God a lot in the book. When did you know that He wanted a better life for you? 

A. God was calling me for a while but I was very disobedient and stubborn I was persistent in a negative way to do things my way which I found out later by my consequences was not a humble nor righteous way to reach my purpose or destiny like a parent to a child God wants the best for me but I have to be submissive to his will. I fully surrendered to him 2011. 

Q. Did you overcome your "struggle"? If so, how did you find the strength and motivation to do so?

A. Well I had a lot of struggles and still have things I struggle with to this day I am definitely not perfect but as I let God fight my battles and have him in my life I am sure to overcome and win just what I have notice from my past struggles that I have overcame. God has healed and strengthened me from being paralyzed from waist down in 2010. You know that scripture that says “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” I am a living testimony of those words.

Q. You are also a motivation speaker, correct? What has that been like for you?

A. Yes that is my next assignment, coming to a community near you in 2017.

Q. Any upcoming book(s) and/or projects in the making?

A. Of course as I said I have a lot more to write about  I already started a book called Sweet Success Sisters book release April 2017 another compilation as well a recipe book for my confessions of a single mother authors and  a stage show and film performing the stories of the struggles of single mothers.

Q. When is the official launch date for Confessions of a Single Mother? Are you excited?

A. December 14th 2016 6pm I am super excited because it will be a grand celebration of over 100 people the tickets are going fast.  


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