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Simone’s Blog—Depicting the Writer in You (DTWIY) is in support of Trust 15, a not-for-profit community support organization that mentors inner-city youths, in particular members of the Girls on the Rise program within the Rexdale community, by partnering them with positive role models and mentors to help build leadership within a culture of adaptability, openness and resilience.

Trust 15 is unique in its approach to reaching “at risk” kids in our community as it aims towards breaking the stigma that everyone from a certain community is automatically categorized as being “at risk.” DTWIY will support and partner with Trust 15 in its endeavour to encourage reading and writing amongst those in the Girls on the Rise program which DTWIY believes is an essential part of education.  

Our Goal for Our Girls

Each week a journal entry will be posted on DTWIY written by one of the young girls from Girls on the Rise. The journal entries will promote literacy by encouraging reading and writing. At the end of the program, those in Girls on the Rise will come to learn that literacy is very important as it has an impact on an individual’s ability to participate in society. The goal of the journal entries is to help to build the girls’ reading, writing and communication skills and to ultimately enhance learning in their academic achievements, leading to success in their career choices, aspirations and quality of life. 

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