A Message from Simone

Our Mission: To express the literary art of writing and its evocative quality that gives all writers much joy.

Simone DaCosta

As a passionate lover of writing I enjoy the wonderful feeling it brings. When I write, I feel like a visual artist, a painter with a fine paintbrush, who meticulously maps out expressions and forms which are made to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the artist. Writing for me and for many other writers or authors, I presume, in a sense, is the same practice. It brings out a thought, a feeling or an image by painting artistic scenes with words, in the end, to tell a story that will invoke a powerful emotional response. 

I say all of this to illustrate that one has to truly love the art of writing and its evocative quality that gives all writers much joy to fully understand the immeasurable time and great work that goes into capturing a story let alone self-publishing a book of some kind. I know what it is like and understand the many obstacles that a self-published author may face, thus it gives me great pleasure to give independent publishers and/or authors exposure by featuring them on this site. 

My objective is to help published authors and/or self-published authors gain exposure for their books by utilizing this site as a marketing tool to promote, advertise and generate sales for their literary art. 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy all that this site has to offer and that it will help to bring about much blessing to you and your literary gift. 

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